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VIC to Distribute Hydrogen Leak Detector

Ronkonkoma, NY, June 1, 2009 — VIC Leak Detection, a world-leading manufacturer in the leak detection industry, today announced its plan to distribute a new series of Hydrogen gas leak detectors.

"The portable battery-operated Hydrogen sniffer leak detector is an excellent complement to our leak detection product line," said Chuck Wilkinson, Corp. Director of Marketing. "Its unique capabilities rounds-out our product offerings and ensures one-stop shopping for all our customer's leak detection equipment requirements."

For those companies looking for a test method that is not operator-dependent, V.I.C. offers a cumulative leak detection system based on the Hydrogen sensor instrumentation.

This technique features the following benefits:

  • Uses a safe 5% hydrogen gas mixture
  • Product/Fixture outgassing is not a concern
  • Can test wet parts/not affected by humidity
  • Leaking pneumatic components will not affect test
  • Ideally suited for “lean cell” manufacturing
  • Tests the cumulative leak rate at a lower cost than Helium hard vac
  • Minimal maintenance required:
    • No chamber evacuation vacuum pumps
    • No evacuation valves and manifolding
    • Chamber/valves operate at no pressure differential
    • Minimal system leak integrity issues
    • No pump oils to change
    • No vacuum cleanliness requirements
  • Lower operating cost/utility consumption
  • Quiet, test is done at atm without the need for large vacuum pumps


15 Jun 2009

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