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New Portable Mass Spectrometer Helium Leak Detector

Ronkonkoma, NY, December 1, 2008 Vacuum Instrument Corp., a world leader in the leak detection industry, today introduced a new series of helium mass spectrometer leak detectors for testing the integrity of vacuum systems, and parts using helium leak detection techniques. The new MS-60 is available with a standard 7cfm or an optional 10.6cfm rotary vane foreline/roughing pump for faster cycle times.

The MS-60 Series leak detectors allow for greater access to superior system intelligence with a push of a button to accurately locate and measure leaks in objects, such as power plant condensers, food packaging, automobile air bags, and medical devices. Theses products are designed to meet the needs of industrial processing, parts manufacturing, and general research applications. They offer portability and high performance specifications to find costly and inefficient leaks in equipment from compressors and refrigeration parts to nuclear reactors and power distribution plants. Also, the MS Series simplifies daily operation, minimizes operator error, and maximizes throughput and efficiency for semiconductor and small parts manufacturers, who use the detectors to check hermetic packaging, automotive parts, refrigeration circuits, and numerous other products.

The new MS-60 series is the most advanced portable helium leak detector in the industry, offering the highest sensitivity and fastest test-time. The MS series utilizes VIC’s proven dual magnetic sector helium mass spectrometer for accurate and error-free operation.

Special features of the MS-60 Leak Detector include:

  • Standard 7cfm rotary vane foreline /roughing pump for faster cycle times; optional 10.6cfm for larger volume parts
  • Leak rate measurement from 10-3 to 10-12 atm-cc/sec
  • AZ3 provides 3 modes of advanced auto-zero capability for faster, more accurate testing
  • Password security protects against tampering and changing of set points
  • Built-in internal temperature compensated calibrated gas leak
  • Digital I/O for system integration
  • Fully automatic for ease of use
  • 3 modes of vacuum operation: direct, reverse or combination flow
  • Simple one-button start-up

About VIC Leak Detection
Vacuum Instrument Corporation (VIC) is the world's largest company devoted solely to research and design, manufacture, distribution, training and service of leak detectors and complete leak detector solutions. Founded in 1958 as Vacuum Instrument Corporation, VIC introduced the first portable helium leak detector in 1967, went on to develop the first fully automatic industrial leak detection system in 1978, and the first “sniff only” helium leak detector in 1990. In 1994 VIC was selected by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) to join a consortium of leading research laboratories and Fortune 50 companies to develop the next generation of leak detection technology. In 2000, Vacuum Instrument Corporation acquired the Leak Detection Division of Veeco Instruments Inc. (Plainview, NY). This division was reorganized as the Advanced Leak Metrology Division. VIC’s Industrial Leak Detection, Air Leak Testing, and Advanced Leak Metrology Divisions combine their engineering, manufacturing, and marketing resources as VIC Leak Detection.

VIC has the world's largest base of installed leak detectors. More than one billion products have been tested with VIC’s portable vacuum-type helium sniffers, general purpose helium leak detectors, mass flow and pressure decay systems, and complete turnkey leak detection solutions. VIC employs more than 120 people at its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities, located in Ronkonkoma, NY and Dayton, OH.

Factory direct sales and service are available worldwide.


1 Dec 2008

Made in USA Vacuum Instruments Corporation is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art leak detection solutions for diverse applications and industries. Our systems have ensured the safety and performance of countless products that we use in our daily lives from the cars we drive to the air conditioners in our houses, the pacemakers in our bodies, and the satellites we launch into space.
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