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Leak Detection Solutions

Of all instruments used for leak detection, the VIC tracer gas sensitive mass spectrometer leak detector is the most sensitive and most accurate device. It is easily calibrated, requires no operator judgement and its use is non-destructive to the test object.

Benefits of VIC Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection Over Other Testing Techniques

  • VIC testing is not affected by typical manufacturing background noise levels whereas Ultrasonic stability is greatly changed
  • VIC testing non-dependent on operator judgement whereas Water Immersion is dependent on operator training and variance
  • VIC testing is unaffected by temperature changes whereas Thermoconductivity outputs change greatly to temperature fluctuations
  • VIC testing is tracer gas specific and unaffected by other gases whereas Halogen sensors become contaminated and react to gases in the area
  • VIC detection limits not as susceptible to variations of the cleanliness of the vacuum system whereas Residual Gas Analyzers sensitivity ranges are greatly reduced



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A standardized solution for thermal leak testing equipment. Specifically designed for thermal leak detection applications. The Scepter is complete and in stock. We offer this concept for fast delivery of a custom system. The Scepter upon customer order would require custom tooling which is placed inside the chamber(s) to complete the system. The Scepter is offered as a single, dual or IHX configuration.
Model No. Scepter
Medical Industry Solutions
Custom solutions for medical product leak testing equipment. Methods of leak detection used by medical device manufacturers are evolving to meet increasingly stringent quality standards. Testing for leak integrity is critical in the device industry because product failure presents significant hazards to patients and healthcare professionals and liabilities for manufacturers.
Model No. Medical Industry Solutions
Automotive Fuel Delivery Solutions
Solutions for automotive fuel delivery leak testing equipment. Leak testing requirements for fuel system components have been lenient (0-2 cc/sec). Amendments to the EPA Clean Air Act and the California Air Resources Board have imposed evaporative vehicle emission standards resulting in a more stringent leak test requirement. To fulfill these test requirements, VIC has developed ultra-sensitive mass spectrometer methods to leak test fuel system components, including fuel tanks, tube and flange and fuel rail assemblies.
Model No. Automotive Fuel Delivery Solutions
Automotive Fuel Rail Solutions
Solutions for automotive fuel rails leak testing equipment. Fuel rails need to be tested for leaks during component production at a supplier level to prevent leakage in the engine compartment. High-pressure, direct-injection fuel rails have a maximum allowable leak rate spec of 10-4 atmospheric cubic centimeters per second (Atm-cc/sec). Leak testing fuel rails with tracer gas, often with the fuel injectors installed, in a vacuum chamber is a common process.
Model No. Automotive Fuel Rail Solutions
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Integrated Leak Identification Station | Leak ID Station
A multipurpose system designed to perform a vacuum decay leak test, followed by a Helium backfill and fully integrated with the VIC MD-490S automatic helium leak detector specifically designed for sniffing applications.
Model No. Leak ID Station, Part No. LEAKID-Base
Vacuum Instruments Corporation is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art leak detection solutions for diverse applications and industries. Our systems have ensured the safety and performance of countless products that we use in our daily lives from the cars we drive to the air conditioners in our houses, the pacemakers in our bodies, and the satellites we launch into space.
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