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Tracer Gas Leak Detectors

Multiple Solutions For Leak Detection Application Requirements

VIC designs and manufactures portable portable helium tracer gas leak detectors, console tracer gas leak detectors, helium and dual gas portable leak detectors with sniffing and fully integrated smart charge and back-fill station, integrated tracer gas leak detection systems, calibrated gas leaks, and accessories.

Custom Integrated Leak Detection Systems Engineering

Our base system technologies can be custom engineered to include integrated tooling/fixtures, automation and control, application-specific features, leak standard data collection requirements, and more. Please call us for custom engineering our systems, we have a customer-centric and application specific approach and integrated design project engineering to build systems that meet customers needs.

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The MD-490S is a leader among portable tracer gas leak detectors.  With a response time less than 0.5 seconds, sensitivity to 10-8 direct reading atm-cc/sec, and the ability to zero-out background, this is the most aggressive portable leak detector in the industry. The MD-490S is fully integrateable with our SmartChargeIII Evacuation and Backfill Station.
Model No. MD-490S, Part No. 966-490
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MD-490S DG
MD-490S Dual Gas is the most advanced sniffing Helium/Hydrogen leak detector designed specifically for industrial environments. The MD-490S Dual Gas utilizes VIC’s own industrial-grade mass spectrometer to achieve the highest sensitivity, fastest response-time, and smallest footprint.  With a touch of a button, this dual gas unit can detect either Helium or Hydrogen tracer gases, while using a single built-in dual purpose calibrated gas leak.
Model No. MD-490S DG, Part No. 966-495
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The MD-490M is at the heart of VIC’s turnkey vacuum mass spectrometer systems which feature ease of service and its adaptability for system use.
Model No. MD-490M, Part No. 966-493
If you are involved in the vacuum process industry, you know the benefits of having a leak tight system. That ís where our MD-490MV comes into play!
Model No. MD-490MV, Part No. 966-494
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The MS-40GT available either wet or dry pumping package is fully automatic, easy to use, and highly accurate.  These advanced leak detectors are ideal for a broad range of applications including clean, oil-free testing.
Model No. MS-40GT, Part No. 0137-910-00
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MS-40GT Dry
The MS-40GT DRY is fully automatic, easy to use, and highly accurate.  These advanced leak detectors are ideal for a broad range of applications including clean, oil-free testing.
Model No. MS-40GT Dry, Part No. 0137-912-00
MS-40GT Plus
Accurately detects leaks for a broad range of applications – from Pharmaceuticals to Semiconductors. With Wet or Dry External Foreline/Roughing Pump and Mobile Cart.
Model No. MS-40GT Plus
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The MS-50GT is an automated high-speed production console leak detector featuring three flow modes which provide flexibility and maximum productivity for application-specific leak testing.
Model No. MS-50GT, Part No. 0139-910-00
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MS-50GT Dry
The MS-50GT Dry includes all the standard features of the familiar line of MS-50GT high-speed production leak detectors, and is ideal for precise quantitative leak measurements in a wide range of applications.
Model No. MS-50GT Dry, Part No. 0139-914-00
MS-50GT Dual Port
The MS-50GT Dual Port includes all the standard features of the familiar line of MS-50GT automated high-speed console production leak detectors.
Model No. MS-50GT Dual Port, Part No. 0139-911-00
The newest addition to the MS-50GT High Sensitivity series is ideal for ultra fast precise, quantitative leak measurements of Hermetically Sealed Devices. Manufactured in various configurations to meet leak test requirements.
Model No. MS-50GT UFT
MS-50GT Argon Dry
Automated high speed production console Argon gas leak detector. Ideal for applications requiring Argon tracer gas, for products already back-filled with Argon, or for test areas with a helium high background
Model No. MS-50GT Argon Dry, Part No. 0139-912-20

Product information is subject to change without notice. Product images may include options or accessories not included with the base model.

Made in USA Vacuum Instruments Corporation is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art leak detection solutions for diverse applications and industries. Our systems have ensured the safety and performance of countless products that we use in our daily lives from the cars we drive to the air conditioners in our houses, the pacemakers in our bodies, and the satellites we launch into space.
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