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Vacuum Instruments Corporation Update RE: COVID-19, March 16

Vacuum Instruments Corporation Update — March 16, 2020

Dear Valued Business Partners, Customers, and Suppliers,

I am sure by now you have received many updates on operations from a variety of companies based on the COVID-19 virus concerns, government and public containment measures and business impacts.  You may have questions or concerns about how these might impact your business.

VIC has no employees or their family members affected by the virus at this point.   We have taken several key measures following the guidelines from the CDC, including having our entire facility cleaned this weekend to hospital standards. We have also put in place a new policy for employees regarding the coronavirus which includes ways we will practice social distancing while at work, daily sanitizing of workspace, and limited building access. These safety measures include our Mexico subsidiary, Vaccinstruments de Mexico.

Aside from government-imposed restrictions for travel and/or assembly of people, VIC is conducting business as we normally do.   We continue to be dedicated to customer success, delivering superior technical solutions and market differentiated delivery lead times.  As such, we have not experienced any delays in supplying our customers. 

We understand that there may be concerns with all businesses but know that we will continue to support you through this difficult period.   

Jeff Plante


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24 Hour Service-Hotline: 1-800-221-2440

16 Mar 2020

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