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Sniffing test of a pressurized object

The test part is pressurized with tracer gas or a gas mixture containing the tracer gas.  After that, the sniffer probe is moved around the part.  If a leak is present, the leak detector will detect the escaping tracer gas, allowing leak localization.

Throughput and hose length of the sniffer probe have influence on the signal response time and displayed intensity.  This is ideal for high special resolution of leak localization.  For fast measurement one should use a sniffer probe with high gas throughput.

A sniffer probe should always be located as closely to the leak as possible.  Sniffing velocity should be in the range of 1 cm per second.  Since there is a time delay due to gas transport though the sniffer line the operator will have passed the leak once the maximum signal is displayed.

Sniffing test is regarded as a localization method, not a quantitative one.  Distance from the leak and tilt of the sniffer probe have an influence on the test result.  However, one can also achieve quantitative results with sniffer probes.

Main advantages

  • Ability to locate the leak
  • The item to be tested does not need to be placed under vacuum
  • Easy to perform
  • Detector cost only, no tooling

VIC offers portable atmospheric sniffing leak detectors for both helium or helium/hydrogen applications.  The MD-490S/Dual Gas utilizes VIC’s own industrial-grade mass spectrometer to achieve the highest sensitivity, fastest response-time, and smallest footprint.

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